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Introduction to Baguazhang
Baguazhang is one of the three main branches of Internal Gung Fu (the others being Xingyiquanand Taijiquan).
The name literally translates to “Eight Trigram Palm,” referring to the trigrams of the I Ching -the Taoist Book of Changes
With both practical and philosophical roots in daoistspirituality, baguazhangis characterised by quick circular stepping methods and vigorous, intricate, waist driven movements.
Aside from being a devastatingly effective martial art, baguazhangcontains integrated methods for self cultivation

Origins of Baguazhang
The history of Bagua is shrouded in controversy but can be traced back to one man -Tung Hai Chuan(Dong Hai-Chuan)(1796-1880), or simply ‘Tung the fugitive’, a resident of Wen’an district in Hebei Province.
Tung was deliberately vague about the origins of his martial art and many theories have arisen as to the reason why.
One belief is that Tung, himself, invented the form and was too embarrassed to admit it for fear of losing face – attributing his work to ancient sages in order to gain respect and acceptance from his peers and society in general.
Another, belief is that Tung was a wanted man, on the run from the law and that was the reason why he was so vague – Whatever the reasons, one thing is for sure -the art has been added to and subtracted from, over the years, in order to arrive at the highly complex martial and healing form that we have today.

Baguazhang Syllabus (WTBA)
The Classical Circular Form of Jiang Rong-Qiao
The Animal Forms -The include for each of the 8-Animals the ‘Full’ forms, the Qi Shaking Forms and the 2 person (San Sau)Training Sets.
The Linear Form –A long and difficult form emphasizing the fighting aspects of the art and performed as a 2 person learning aid, much like the Pauchui(Cannon Fist) of Taijiquan.
Weaponry –Staff (gun) Linear & Circular forms, Deer Horn Knives, Hook knives, Double Dragon Swords (Jian).
Wooden dummy training, 8 power sets, and an array of qigong, kicking and striking methods and auxillary exercise.

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Baguazhang basic concepts
The central core of the system is its form, performed upon the perimeter of a circle generating, both, circular and spiral movements, whilst twisting and turning, and learning to relate our own centre to that of the circle, until all 8 palm changes have been completed.
Since we have two hands that would give us a combination of 64 palms (The I-Ching has 8 trigrams and 64 hexagrams) from which one can derive thousands of applications

Relevance of the Circle
Used by traditional cultures for communal gathering, dance, storytelling, ritual, creating boundaries, enter non-ordinary states of consciousness -magical/transpersonal
Medicine wheel, sufiwhirling dervishes, other shamanic and pagan practices.
Natural for small children to run or spin in circles.
Map of consciousness


The Eight Animals

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Readings:(highly recommended books, available for free download)
Montaigue, E 2004 Baguazhang, The Complete System, Volume One, Moontagu Books
download link:

Babin, M 2004 Thoughts on Learning Baguazhang,ISBN 0-9735370-0-0
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